Relax! Salt Caves

26saltcaves pyramidwellness3.jpgHere’s my Boston Globe article on why salt caves are worth your salt.


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It’s Pancake Season!

New England is sweet on maple syrup. Here’s my Boston Globe article with ideas for where to tap the sap and get your warm, maple syrup.




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Baseball’s Back! Murder, She Wrote!

So, what do baseball and Murder, She Wrote have in common? Spring training, that’s what!


I co-wrote Three Strikes,  You’re Dead, a Murder, She Wrote novel, with my father, Donald Bain, just ten years ago. The story finds Jessica Fletcher in Arizona during spring training and, of course, she also finds herself involved in solving the murder of a minor league player.

The book continues to get great reviews and is a fun read for baseball lovers–and mystery fans, too! So happy the baseball season is back! Time to celebrate spring training!




New Hampshire Primary: Where the Candidates Eat

Political junkies know that the NH primary is all that. The first in the nation primary is held Tuesday in the Granite State–the 100th anniversary by the way. But if you’re a political junkie, like me, you already knew that.

It’s tons of fun–here’s my Boston Globe article about where to see the candidates, and get pancakes, too.



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Boo! Haunted Spots in Boston Globe Article

Happy World Series! Oh, I mean Happy Halloween (now you know my priorities). Ha. Okay, so beautiful weekend to trick and treat. Here are some suggestions in my latest Boston Globe article for where to find Boston’s most haunted hotels and restaurants and fun ghost tours to take, too. Now here’s a scary thought. The Mets lose tonight! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Go Mets!!

Happy Halloween!