Sisters in Crime Blog Hop



I was honored to be asked by the talented and beautiful Connie Johnson Hambley (http://thecharitythriller.blogspot.com/) to participate in the Sisters in Crime September Blog Hop (http://www.sistersincrime.org/BlogHop.) I am posting this on my new blog, travelflavors.com but will also repost on my NYC blog, bigappledippedincaramel.wordpress.com.

First, I will tell you a little bit about myself.

My father, Donald Bain, wrote Coffee, Tea or Me? when I was seven years old. The book made the New York Times bestseller list for an entire year. I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone that my father wrote it. He was the ghostwriter for two fictitious stewardesses, Trudy Baker and Rachel Jones. I was so embarrassed by Coffee, Tea or Me? I wasn’t quite sure why it was a big secret that my father wrote the book or, even more confusing, why my dad was pretending to be a woman, or worse, two women but I was very happy to keep the secret. Today…

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