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Times Square Celebration in NYC

HDR - Times Square
HDR – Times Square (Photo credit: N-I-C-O)


Happy New Year New Yorkers–and all those who visited the City this year! Exciting night in Time Square–chill in the air, and lots of love, too. Here’s to a peaceful, healthy, loving 2013. Hey, when you make those New Year’s resolutions, remember to add “laugh more.” The world needs more laughter and smiles. Another resolution on my list: Gratitude. I am so grateful to so many (I am the luckiest mom in the world!) as well as to simple things like a sunset, a sunrise, a walk on the beach. And, I’m very grateful to New York City for giving me so much joy.


One of my more productive resolutions is to make this blog better than ever! So, stay tuned…and thanks so much for checking out the blog this year.


Happy New Year! Be safe!



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