Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting

English: Uploaded from : http://upload.wikimed...
English: Uploaded from : http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/de/5/5c/Rockefeller_Center_Weihnachten.JPG Das Rockefeller Center in New York City zur Weihnachtszeit Eigene Aufnahme Lechhansl 15:53, 20. Jan. 2007 (CET) Dezember 2003 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Brrr, bundle up the kiddies for tonight’s tree lighting! Special night for New Yorkers, especially young ones who can’t get enough of all the magic of the night. I love this night. I used to work a couple of blocks away and it was such a madhouse of festive fun. I do have one gripe this year (bah humbug, I know.) Okay, here goes. Well, Hurricane Sandy was, of course, awful in so may ways. One of those involves hundreds and hundreds of hundreds-year-old trees, beautiful oaks and maples and yes, evergreens. Majestic evergreens. I listened as the Rock Center peeps were so happy that the chosen tree had survived Hurricane Sandy! Yes, that was fantastic. And then…and then they went ahead and cut.it.down. so it could be brought to Rock Center. I don’t know. I think maybe a little creativity, not to mention sensitivity, could have been put to use here. Hey, how about not kill another glorious tree and instead use one of the fallen trees. I’m just saying.


So, when I visit the tree this year, I will be the tree hugger.


Merry Christmas, happy holidays and enjoy this special evening. It is magical. Not perfect. But magical.



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